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We make happy accountants and managers.

We facilitate the creation of complex reports in Excel taking the datum from your management system automatically.

Compatible with more than 60 accounting systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs).

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We would love to organize and optimize your process with our technological enhancements in order to make your life easier and your work simpler.

it builds reports and others from your management system to Excel® directly.

Consult the data online, reports and others of your management system in real time directly.  

Automatize the sending of reports and alerts to e-mails from Excel®. 

Saving time and money exchanging commercial documents digitally.

Visualize your cash flow in different scenarios, make projections, simulations and smart choices.

You can get more benefit from the unstructured information you work with in Excel’s isolated formats turning them into an information system that allows you to have reliable and timely reports.

Consultancy and implementation

Reporting and businesses intelligence solutions in Excel® and PowerBI®

We work as a team

so that you can enjoy with your family.

Our solutions are designed to make easier your job and optimize your time. For this reason, we can offer you excellent options in consultancy and implementation of Reporting and businesses intelligence solutions in Excel® and PowerBI®.


Link your datum to the best business intelligence (BI) platform to create stunning reports with interactive data visualizations.

For over 23 years, we have been creating solutions that harness the full power of Excel® and provide greater benefits from the data stored in your management system. You can manage your enterprise with dynamically updated reports.

Our team seeks to understand the exact needs of the organizations in order to create customized solutions that aim to increase productivity and allow for a better use of the information.


Visión Tecnológica

Your ally in reports

We are a Colombian company with more than 23 years of experience in the development of high-tech and easy-to-use software tools and components, specialized in data extraction, management, and analysis.

Nowadays we make everything simpler for more than 4000 users in Australia, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Guatemala, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

We provide easy access to information and documents stored in business management systems. Additionally, we optimize corporate management and expedite critical information handling, facilitating decision-making, report preparation, and presentation. This way, we greatly increase the productivity and efficiency of our customers.


years on the market


more than 4000 users

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